Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Post- The crazy new HCG Diet!

I am so excited to begin this blog, and discuss many alternative ideas and cures that I have been using myself and studying.  I had a hard time deciding where to start.  Some possible topics include multiple cures for cancer, since I have been fighting for 18 months to save a terminally ill cancer dog with great success.  I have also been working on natural cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes protocols, gout, warts, flu and cold remedies, and weight loss.  (Only the weight loss is my own personal challenge.)  Since I have lost 43 pounds in the last 3 months using the HCG protocol, perhaps that is the best place to start.

I can state unequivocally that the protocol works.  I am not certain that I could actually endorse the program at this point, because the experience is extremely severe.  For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, the HCG weight lost concept is based on the scientific study of Dr. A.T. Simeons.  Dr. Simeons discovered (accidently) back in the 1950's that the pregnancy hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin) when combined with a very low calorie diet (500 calories per day) will force the body to burn brown fat as a food source.  This massive release of fat occurs as a survival mechanism in the pregnant female is ensure a food source for a developing fetus during famine situations.  This type of fat release only occurs in the body under these conditions.  (Oddly enough, this works for the guys too - HCG is present in both sexes.)  But I must emphasize that the process is severe!!  Extreme exercise is not allowed, because the body can not produce enough energy from fat quickly enough.  Part of the appeal of this program is you can only do minimal daily activity.  So if you have an active job, or if you must exercise to feel alive, this program will not work well for you.  I am a runner, and I really missed my runner's high while on this program.  The diet is also very limited, and if you cheat, the results are catastrophic.  So you must really be committed to the concept before beginning.  I have found multiple sources for the HCG, and the one I used was an American company that manufactures the HCG mixture homeopathically.  I was attracted to this formulation because homeopathy by definition uses extremely small amounts of the remedy prescribed.  I figured that if the product were harmful, it would be better to have small amounts rather than large ones.  A prominent alternative doctor online is also a strong advocate for HCG and claims to have lost over 100 pounds on the diet, but claims the homeopathic form is a hoax.  I wish he would do his research before making such a statement, because I am living proof that the homeopathic form does work, and it is also much cheaper and easier to use than the source he recommended.

The protocol I used is divided into 3 phases based on Dr. Simeon's research results.  The first phase involves fat loading.  For 2 days you are supposed to eat lots of fat, sugar, and all the bad stuff you can handle.  I had to modify this a little, because I try to eat only organic foods.  But it is important to fill up reserve fat stores.  Phase 2 is either 21 or 40 days of 500 caloric per day food with the HCG drops.  I can honestly say that I was NEVER hungry on this diet.  I was extremely weak however.  The last phase is when you reset your metabolism back up to normal, and requires that you eat no starches or sugar, only healthy veggies, fruits, oils, fats, and protein with very limited carbs.  This last phase is vital to prevent gaining the weight right back.  The biggest problem with most calorie restriction diets is the rebound weight gain due to metabolism adjustment as a result of dieting.  This last phase resets metabolism so the weight stays off.  Your body builds immunity to the HCG drops over time, so you can only do the HCG drops for a max of 40 days at a time.  But depending on how much weight you want to loose, you can do subsequent courses of the program.  The time you must wait between them increases
each time.  I have fasted often throughout my life, and the speed of weight loss with this program far exceeds the loss you would have on the diet alone without the drops.   I have dieted most of my life, and have experience with all of the popular diets (Atkins, Pritkin, Zone, South Beach, Rice, Weight Watchers, you name it)  I have actually lost over 500 pounds in my lifetime, and I have always gained it back plus.  So far, that has not happened with this diet.

I do not wish to name the company that supplies the drops currently, because they have an endorsement program to reward people who send them clients, and I want to provide information on this blog as objectively as possible.  Also, I must emphatically state that I do not yet endorse this program.  I am concerned that huge amounts of toxins are released into the body which have been stored as fat, and I fear that if proper detox protocols are not exercised both during the diet and for a while after, there may be increased risks for serious illness.  I am also still in the process of losing weight, so I can only describe what I have experienced to date.  I can state that I have dropped from 202 to 159 in a little over three months, and so far I feel fantastic!

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